Tuesday, April 14, 2015

7 Factors that Determine the Cost of Removing a Stump

After cutting down a tree, the work is not fully over. You still need to organize on how to remove the stump either because you want to put up a building around the area or because you want to keep the surrounding clean. In fact, chopping down the tree is easy. Removing its stump is another story altogether.

The cost of removing a stump may vary depending on several factors but most importantly, it depends on whether you hire a professional or remove it on your own. By learning more about the cost associated with stump removal, you will be more informed when hiring a stump removal company and you will avoid any unnecessary surprises as well.
  1. DIY vs. professional stump removal: You should first decide on whether you will remove it on your own or hire someone to do it. On the surface, it might appear like there’s no difference at all between renting the stump grinder and hiring an expert.
  2. Nevertheless, certain small but essential factors may influence the exact cost of the exercise. For instance, time equals money and that should be considered too. Do you want the task to be done fast and efficiently? Then an expert stump removal may be of help.
  3. Stump diameter: Larger diameters may require higher prices. This is because stumps with larger diameters will obviously take longer to remove than those with smaller diameters. And given that some professionals charge in terms of the time used to do the job, bigger stumps will cost more.
  4. Age of the stump: Older stumps should cost less than young ones. This is because older stumps are often rotted and therefore not difficult to grind down.
  5. Soil condition: If your stump is in rocky soil, the stump removal professional is likely to charge you more. This is because rocky soil can damage the equipment use in the process. The cost may be lower if the stump is in other soils.
  6. Type of tree: Some types of tree stumps are generally tougher. That means they will take more time to grind and thus cost more than other types of tree stumps.
  7. Root system: Depending on soil type or the age the tree was when you cut it down; its stump may be deeply rooted and extensive. This may be costly to remove than a stump with minimal root system.
  8. Clean up: Most of the companies that remove tree stumps can still clean up the ground-up stump and if that is what you want then you’ll pay a little more for the extra service.

The cost of stump removal depends on various factors like whether you can do it yourself, the soil type, age of the stump, root system and more. Many people prefer to hire professionals to remove the stumps because such experts have the skills, experience and equipment hence they will do the work speedily yet efficiently. With this information, you won’t make any mistakes next time you want to hire a professional to remove a stump for you.