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Like in all other industries, there are people who are running the tree service business illegally. Some of these companies will claim to provide the very best tree services and at a lower price so that you are quick to enlist only to be disappointed a few months down the line. Good thing is, the smart homeowner can always spot a scam from miles away. Today, we are going to give you some valuable tips to help you get the best tree services from a credible company. Here are 5 steps to follow in order to avoid falling into a trap and wasting your hard earned cash.
1.     Check whether the tree service company is insured: Insurance is important as it protects you from being liable when something goes wrong. Find out if the tree service company has a legitimate insurance certificate that covers both liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. You don’t want to end up paying for property damage or injuries that occur after an accident.

2.     Make sure they are accredited by the BBB: The Better Business Bureau certifies companies that can be trusted to provide credible service so make sure the tree company you’d like to hire is listed with the BBB. Hiring any company that is not in good standing with the Better Business Bureau should be out of question.

3.     Check the price: When their prices are just extremely low, think twice. In many cases, tree companies will offer bargains but they shouldn’t be to an extent that they are providing their services for free. Be wise when you are signing up for a company due to low rates especially if you are yet to check their reputation. Ask them to provide you with references so that you can be rest assured that they are worth your money.

4.     Watch out for door to door contractors: There are a number of contractors who prey on homeowners by visiting their homes and offering their services at extremely low prices. Most of these contractors are not local and they only come after a storm or when they know a certain neighborhood has faced tree damage. Don’t ever sign a door to door contract because most of them end up being scams. Even the BBB has warned homeowners against falling into this trap. Tree services such as tree removal must be done by the best experts so make sure you have adequate time to research about a contractor before making any decisions.

5.     Check out their payment policy: Many homeowners fall into a trap because they end up paying for tree services before they are done only to get disappointed. Never pay unless you are satisfied with the work done. Most tree contractors will ask you to pay a small amount in advance but never the complete figure. Ask about the payment policy before signing in. Make sure that the company will only ask for money if you are completely happy and satisfied with the work done.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Common Mistakes in DIY Tree Removal

Tree removal is seems like a huge, yet somewhat simple thing to do, but that's not necessarily so. While removing a tree can be accomplished by anyone with the strength and will power, it's best to leave this job to professional arborists, as there are many costly and even fatal mistakes that could be made in tree removal. Here are some of them: 

1. Not wearing appropriate protective gear: 
You should wear goggles, gloves, and a hard hat at all times. A hard hat protects the head in case branches fall or the tree falls in the wrong direction. Goggles protect the eyes from spit out coming from the chainsaw activity or from the debris falling from your tree. The surfaces of a tree are rough and so a good pair of gloves is essential in protection the hands against the trunk. Also, it can help space your hands in case they get too close to the chainsaw.

2. Not planning an escape: 
In tree removal, it is best to make the tree fall in the direction it's leaning, because that's
most likely the manner it will fall. It's possible that a tree does not fall the way you expect or
plan it to, and so you should always be aware and alert in terms of getting yourself out of
danger. Find a good escape route in either direction that your tree may fall.

3. Lack of awareness: 
If you are removing a tree (especially if you're doing it on your own), you must be aware of your surroundings at all times. There may be rocks, cords, roots, etc. that could make your trip over. When you're using a chainsaw, you surely wouldn't like an unexpected tripping over and then landing on the chainsaw, or the other way around. Always see to it that you have the chain locked when you are walking around or when you are not cutting, because one second of becoming unaware of your surrounding or being forgetful could be fatal.

4. Removing the "wrong" tree:  
Homeowners must take into account the location and the condition of the tree they are thinking of removing. Dying, dead, or diseased trees must be removed properly. But some trees can leave a negative and costly impact on your landscape in general. Take into consideration the amount of money, time, and effort you want to put into the landscape after the tree removal process.

5. Not getting rid of the stump: 
Leaving the tree stump after the process is asking for insect infestation, and possibly the worst type -- termites! These nasty wood-borers could move from the stump into your house, causing inconvenience and potential damage to your property.

Tree removal could be very beneficial to the beauty and health of your landscape. However, it is essential to take into consideration the fact that things can go wrong some times. If you are removing a tree on your own, consider the hazards as well as the possible mistakes that could be made before moving forward. Professional arborists are well experienced, equipped, prepared, and trained to handle virtually any situation in terms of tree removal.

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Reasons to Consider a Tree Removal Company

There are a number of reasons to consider hiring a tree removal service. You might want to get rid of a tree you no longer like, or maybe you just want the space the tree is occupying for another purpose. Whatever the reason, whether the tree poses a danger or is just taking up much-needed space, you need to think about getting rid of it ASAP.
You might want to get rid of a tree that's growing close to your home or poses some kind of danger to your security. Or, the tree may be full of disease or breeding bugs and pests. This could hurt your crops or other plants growing close by. This is the type of tree you would want to remove from your property.
Another reason can be that the tree is aging and can fall any time, or it may have already fallen. Such a tree would have to be taken away from your place. There are times when the tree grows a lot and the roots would be reaching the foundation of your home and weakening the walls.
In this type of situation, it is important to get the tree out of the yard. Also, this kind of tree would block any other plants or vegetation from flourishing. This necessitates the tree's removal so you can get some enjoyment out of the other plants as well.
There are certain trees that tend to consume all the water from the soil, even at the expense of other smaller plants. So in case you wish other plants to survive, you need to ensure that big trees sapping all water from the soil are removed. In fact, such trees may even sap all the water from your soil and make it dry. This will ensure that no other vegetation is able to sustain itself on that soil.
There are times when you wish to use available land for other purposes such as agriculture or construction of a building. This is where you would require the services of a tree removal company as you would like to remove the tree as early as possible.
Even though taking down the tree may be possible for you, getting that tree removed may not be so easy. This is because it would require a lot of time and effort, and even then you may not be able to get the job done. Hence, it makes sense to employ the services of a tree company and get the tree removed from your premises.
You may be wondering about the payment charged by tree removal companies. Typically, they charge on the amount of work. Thus, the price will depend on the size of the tree as well as the number of trees that are to be removed. Also, it will depend on the amount of effort required, as well as the number of hours and people to be employed in order to complete the project. Hence, you need to keep all these factors in mind when you are negotiating the price with these companies. This way, you would be able to get what you want at the best possible rates.

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