Friday, March 18, 2016

Three Common Tree Stump Removal Techniques

Removing a tree stump is a much more complicated process than cutting down a tree. For this reason it is often a separate cost in the tree removal service. A lot of people often have old tree stumps in their yard because of this. With the right techniques and equipment, tree stump removal is possible. After tree removal, it often doesn’t make sense to leave the tree stump standing there like an eye sore. It gets worse when weeds and other parasitic plants start growing on them. These tree stumps could be taking up valuable space that you can use for other things. When they are camouflaged by grass they become tripping hazards.

The tree stump removal technician will first assess the tree stump to determine which technique should be applied in the removal process. Some tree stumps are easy to remove while others can cause quite a headache. This assessment enables the technician to prepare ahead for the removal process. The age and size of the tree are the greatest determinants of how easy or difficult it will be to remove the tree stump.

Stump removal techniques

Some of the techniques used include:
   Grinding is one of the fastest ways to get rid of tree stumps. A grinder is a heavy-duty machine that files down the tree stump into the sand. The stump removal technician starts by using a shovel to clear any rocks away from the tree stump. They use a chainsaw to cut away the tree stump and get it to ground level. The grinder is then used over the remaining bit of the stump to get it at least 4 inches below ground level. This dangerous piece of equipment should be left to the professionals.
  Uprooting the tree stump is also another option, especially when you want to rid the area of the roots of the tree too. The stump removal crew will use chain saw to remove the top portion of the trunk leaving enough of it to use as leverage for pulling the stump out of the ground. The crew will then use shovels and picks to reveal the roots around the stump.  Pushing the stump can also help reveal more roots. After cutting the major roots using an axe, they will then wrap a chain around the trunk connected to a four-wheel-drive vehicle to pull it out of the ground. By slowly pulling forward and reversing, the stump will wiggle out of place.

Chemical stump removal reduces the amount of manual labor involved in the tree removal process. The only disadvantage is that it takes quite a long time for the potassium nitrate to soften the stump up, about six weeks. The potassium nitrate is poured into holes drilled inside the tree stump. After the stump becomes spongy, you can use an axe to break it up. This makes for a great DIY project, as there are no dangerous tools or heavy equipment involved. Fuel oil or kerosene can further soften up the stump for easy removal.

Posted By: All American Tree Pro