Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Like in all other industries, there are people who are running the tree service business illegally. Some of these companies will claim to provide the very best tree services and at a lower price so that you are quick to enlist only to be disappointed a few months down the line. Good thing is, the smart homeowner can always spot a scam from miles away. Today, we are going to give you some valuable tips to help you get the best tree services from a credible company. Here are 5 steps to follow in order to avoid falling into a trap and wasting your hard earned cash.
1.     Check whether the tree service company is insured: Insurance is important as it protects you from being liable when something goes wrong. Find out if the tree service company has a legitimate insurance certificate that covers both liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. You don’t want to end up paying for property damage or injuries that occur after an accident.

2.     Make sure they are accredited by the BBB: The Better Business Bureau certifies companies that can be trusted to provide credible service so make sure the tree company you’d like to hire is listed with the BBB. Hiring any company that is not in good standing with the Better Business Bureau should be out of question.

3.     Check the price: When their prices are just extremely low, think twice. In many cases, tree companies will offer bargains but they shouldn’t be to an extent that they are providing their services for free. Be wise when you are signing up for a company due to low rates especially if you are yet to check their reputation. Ask them to provide you with references so that you can be rest assured that they are worth your money.

4.     Watch out for door to door contractors: There are a number of contractors who prey on homeowners by visiting their homes and offering their services at extremely low prices. Most of these contractors are not local and they only come after a storm or when they know a certain neighborhood has faced tree damage. Don’t ever sign a door to door contract because most of them end up being scams. Even the BBB has warned homeowners against falling into this trap. Tree services such as tree removal must be done by the best experts so make sure you have adequate time to research about a contractor before making any decisions.

5.     Check out their payment policy: Many homeowners fall into a trap because they end up paying for tree services before they are done only to get disappointed. Never pay unless you are satisfied with the work done. Most tree contractors will ask you to pay a small amount in advance but never the complete figure. Ask about the payment policy before signing in. Make sure that the company will only ask for money if you are completely happy and satisfied with the work done.

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