Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All You need to Know about Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an important service that many homeowners ignore until their environment looks unpleasant or it causes an accident. Well, your trees play a very important role in making your property look stunning so they need to be well maintained. Without these gifts from nature, your home won’t have that great ambience and natural feel. So you need to trim your trees as a way of protecting your home and maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

The importance of tree trimming
Tree trimming is not only done for beautification purposes. It is done to make sure your trees remain healthy and your family is safe. It should become part of your regular yard maintenance because if ignored, the trees may turn out to be a safety hazard in your home. For instance, there are tree branches that can fall off and damage property or engender people’s life. In fact that is the primary reason why tree trimming is essential- for safety purposes.

Trimming your trees will also ensure they grow healthy over the years. During this process, some of the dead and diseased tree branches are completely eradicated. This ensures that the tree grows well and develops a stronger core. Without trimming, these dead and infected branches can compromise the structural integrity of the tree making it unable to withstand the elements. Trimming also helps to boost fruit or flower production accentuating the physical appearance of your environment.

When should tree trimming be done?
Professional tree trimming or pruning should be conducted at least once every year. However, there is a need to conduct more frequent trimming whenever certain situations arise. For instance, if you notice that a tree in your property is obstructing visibility for vehicles or pedestrians whenever the branches grow, it is important to have it pruned regularly. There are also situations where a tree’s growth threatens your vehicles and property.

Who should perform tree trimming?
It may seem like a relatively easy job to get rid of the tree branches that are creating issues around your home but it’s always best to leave the work to professionals. The annual tree trimming should be handled by professionals especially if the trees have gone up to your electric poles. Whenever the tree branches touch a wire that is running along the electric pole, the electric currents flow to the ground. When this happens, you are likely to experience a power outage. The circuit breakers in your home are likely to trip and power goes off.

Most homeowners will only think of hiring tree services when this happens. A tree trimming expert will come in and make sure no electric power is going to the ground through the tree making you pay extra for energy. Instead of investing in underground electric lines, which will take a very long time to accomplish, you can have the trees trimmed and maintain your current overhead lines. Just make sure you’ve hired an expert who is highly experienced and licensed to provide quality tree services.

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