Tuesday, June 30, 2015

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Remove That Dead Tree

If your tree’s health has been assaulted, either by bad weather, bugs or lack of nutrients, you may find that some weeks down the line you will be faced with a dead tree in your yard. Some people refuse to get rid of their dead trees for sentimental reasons, while others simply see no need. Before you decide that dead tree removal services are not necessary, read this carefully.

Dead trees attract pests

Pests will not hesitate to build their nests in your tree, whether it’s dead or not. Pests like rats and termites actually love dead trees, especially because they provide food for them besides being shelter. It will not be long before the pests migrate to your house, and this will pose a great problem. To avoid this, get the dead tree removed as soon as is possible.

Aesthetic appeal

Dead trees add nothing to the beauty of your landscape. In fact, they take away from it. If you are spending money making sure your landscape is well designed and taken care of, you should not allow one dead tree to counteract your good efforts.

Tree diseases are contagious

If your tree died or is drying from a disease, there is a high probability of passing this disease to other trees and plants in your yard if you allow the dead/dying tree to remain. The faster you get rid of the disease-infested tree, the easier it becomes to contain the disease and in doing so ensure more trees do not get infected and die.

Dead tree branches may fall

On a windy day, your dead tree poses a great threat to any person or property that is near the said tree. This is because it is so easy for branches to break off and fall, leading to serious damage and sometimes even death. You may feel sore at the thought of getting your favorite, albeit dead, tree removed, but you might be saving a life.

The tree itself may fall

Once a tree is dead, decay and decomposition commences. This means that the integrity of the tree is compromised and it is very likely that the tree will fall, also leading to damages to property and people.

Dead trees take up the space of living trees

Instead of keeping your dead trees in your backyard, get them removed and then use this freed up space to plant new trees. You might even find better species that will bloom better in your kind of climate.

If you notice that one of your trees is dying, call an arborist so that you can get an accurate assessment of the situation. In some cases, you might even be able to save the tree before it is completely dead. And even if you cannot save it, it will cost you less to remove the tree if you catch the problem early enough.

The best way to deal with a dead tree is to hire professional dead tree removal services, as they have the expertise and equipment needed to safely remove and dispose of dead trees.

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