Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why You Should Take Care of Your Trees

Having trees around the home is a great idea. They provide shading and give great ambience to your home. The can also be quite fun for the kids as you can build a tree house for them. However, you still have a lot of work on your hands when it comes to trees. Just like any other aspect of the landscaping, trees require care and maintenance. You should call a professional when it comes to tree maintenance because:
  •       They have the skill to visualize how the tree will grow and advice if it is likely to cause potential hazards
  •        Advise you where to plant new trees for proper shading and away from energized power lines.

Power lines
Trees often get into a lot of conflict with power lines. When trees grow uncontrollably high and wide, their branches can do a lot of damage. Falling tree branches can cut power lines and cause a black out in the entire neighborhood. Trimming and pruning the trees regularly helps maintain a proper size that does not interfere with power lines. The tree specialist can also identify sick and rotten branches that may fall on the power lines before they do.
Sometimes, you may need to cut down the entire tree if it is too close to a power line or source. The tree specialist will take down the tree safely.

Natural forces
Heavy winds and rain can be very dangerous. They can cause an entire tree to be uprooted from the ground. Trees cause a lot of property damage when the branches bore a hole through your roof or the stump crashes your car. However, this is often the case with unhealthy trees that have been given little or no attention at all. Pruned and well cared for trees are healthy, have sturdy branches and strong roots that can withstand the forces of heavy rains and wind.  When diseased rotten branches are gotten out of the way early enough, you lower the risk of the disease spreading throughout the tree and weakening it making it easy for the wind and rain to bring it down.

There is no doubt trees are beautiful. Their broad leaves creating a roof like canopy, some flower in season and you can enjoy the colors of the leaves change through the various seasons. This is why you should care for your trees to maintain their aesthetical value in the environment. Trees also make up a major part of landscaping. Pruning the trees enhances flowering and you can get a full bloom the next season.

Saving energy

Trees are a crucial part of your energy saving efforts. If you have a tree constantly shading your walls and windows, you may have to spend more on heating costs. However, during hot weather, this shading can help you save significantly on cooling. Trimming the branches at the right time will help you save a lot of money on heating and cooling costs depending on the season.

Posted By: All American Tree Pro 

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