Friday, July 18, 2014

Testimonial #1

Sam Wahby came promptly to look at our property where many mature loblolly pines over 50 foot tall were growing over our roof.  One large pine was just over our property line and had branches extending over our neighbor's house.  Sam gave us a very reasonable estimate.  A crane was used to help with tree removal and then all pine trunks were recycled to the lumber mill.  Our neighbor wanted proof of liability and Sam emailed him the company's 1 million dollar policy and made sure he was in agreement with removal of the encroaching tree.  My wife observed the entire tree removal process and was amazed at the precision and team work during the dangerous process.  At the end of the day our property was free of dangerous pine trees and no one was injured and no houses harmed.  I would highly recommend All American Tree Pro service and Sam Wahby.

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